Sting Next Season Workouts

The St. Louis Sting is proud to announce that Jeff LoVecchio and his trainers at his company GMT will be training our players next season in our newly remodeled work out room at the Sting Center in the Mills IceZone. Jeff has provided the following introduction:

Sting families,

I am extremely excited to announce that my company, GMT (Give More Training) and I will be joining the Sting organization for the 24/25 season!

For those of you that don’t know me I’d like to take this time to introduce myself. I grew up in St. Louis at a time when very few out of state AAA teams would come to town to play us. We were part of the Michigan National Hockey League back then but one of the stipulations for letting us into the league was that no teams would be forced to come to town to play us thus making us travel almost every weekend for games.

This time in my life undoubtedly fueled the massive chip on my shoulder and pride that I have in St. Louis hockey.

I was very lucky to be on a team of extremely competitive and driven individuals that really helped to put St Louis hockey on the map during that time with 9 85 born STL players all going NCAA Division I, 3 of us signing NHL deals and five of us playing pro hockey.

I was never the most skilled guy in our group and realized at a young age that if I wanted to keep making it to the next level, I’d have to work harder and smarter than all of my competition and peers. Every year I took off ice training more and more seriously and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, my off ice training was the reason for all of my success as a hockey player. After playing three years in the USHL with the Omaha Lancers, I accepted a scholarship to play at Western Michigan University where I studied exercise science for three years before deciding to leave school early when I was offered a contract by the Boston Bruins.

Unfortunately, the first three years of my professional career I sustained four bad concussions and made the ultimate decision to finish my career over in Europe where I was able to have six more productive seasons. Living all of the world, being able to work with so many different countries’ top sports scientists, national team trainers and coaches was instrumental in my development as both a coach and a human being and is something I’m very thankful for.

Due to my concussions, after my third year pro in the US, before taking my game to Europe, I decided to start my off ice training company with the sole goal of helping local St. Louis kids get every edge they could by training smarter and harder like I was at the very same time. Every summer, I would come home for my own offseason training, work with some pro guys and the rest of the day train local amateur athletes until I’d have to leave for my season again. Every year the amount of players I worked with dramatically increased as word got out about all of the results my guys were getting.

In 2018, I retired from hockey and immediately went all in on helping local players reach their full potential on the ice through my training methodologies and mentorship.

I have personally worked with thousands of hockey players locally over the last 16 years as well as over 16,000 people online since Covid 2020 when I started putting my training online for players, teams and organizations to use.

I have been or still currently am the off ice performance coach for a NCAA D1 team, NCAA D3 team, ACHA D1 team, Multiple USHL teams, multiple NAHL teams, multiple AAA organizations around the US, as well as all of pro, college, junior clients in person and online.

So why am I telling you all of this?

I want all of you to know who I am, what I’ve done, who trusts me to with their development and why I do what I do. My only goal in life is to help players reach their goals. Whether that’s make a better team next year, have a better season, confidence on the ice and in life or to take the game as far as they can (whatever that means for each player).

My job, my company’s job and my coaches’ jobs are to facilitate an environment that your players want to be in. To get them to buy into their own development. To get them to understand that nothing in hockey or life will ever be given to them and that they have to EARN IT every single day. I live my life by one motto and it’s a theme you will all hear me speaking on often this upcoming season.

Give More Be More

If you want to be a better player - give more. If you want better grades in school - give more. If you want to do anything worthwhile in this life - you have to give more to it !!!!

And that’s where we come in, we will help your player understand all of this through the easy digestible lens of off ice training.

It’s going to be a great year.

I look forward to meeting you all in person around the rink and when I give speeches throughout this upcoming season to the organization as a whole.

All the best,

Jeff LoVecchio-Give More Be More

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