14 Sep

Central States Development Hockey League

For more information regarding the Central States Developmental Hockey League and season updates:


9 Aug

Central States Pool Tryout

The St. Louis Sting would like to thank all players for coming out to the tryouts. All players can attend the Central States Pool tryout with the opportunity to be selected by the Sting, Knights or Eagles. If selected by any team including the Sting or multiple teams you will have the choice for whom you would like to play.  You are required to email the St. Louis Sting at dwcstl@gmail.com if you want to go to the pool tryout.  If you have any questions please feel free to email as well. Here is the schedule as of 8/9/2020.

8-15-20 Sat Rec-Plex South Rink A CS Pool 11:45 AM-12:45 PM - 2007s 

8-15-20 Sat Rec-Plex South Rink A CS Pool 1:10 PM-2:10 PM - 2009's

8-15-20 Sat Rec-Plex South Rink A CS Pool 2:30 PM-3:30 PM - 2008's

8-15-20 Sat Rec-Plex South Rink A CS Pool 3:50 PM-4:50 PM - 2010's 

31 Jul

St. Louis Sting Central States Tryout Schedule

Due to Covid restrictions we have moved the Sting Tryouts to the St. Peters RecPlex South Rinks. The revised schedule will be emailed out and is posted below:  

 As of 8/1/20 all tryouts have been moved to the St. Peters RecPlex South.

Tryout Schedule:

2010's: 8/3-8:15pm B Rink, 8/6-6:30pm A Rink, 8/11-6:45pm B Rink, 8/13-6:45pm B Rink - all at St. Peters RecPlex South 

2009's: 8/4-8:15pm A Rink (90min), 8/7-8:15pm A Rink (90min),8/9-11:15am A Rink, 8/12-6:30p A Rink - all at St. Peters RecPlex South 

2008's: 8/4-6:30pm A Rink, 8/7-6:30pm A Rink, 8/9-12:30p A Rink, 8/12-7:45p A Rink - all at St. Peters RecPlex South 

2007's: 8/3-8:45pm A Rink, 8/6-7:45pm A Rink, 8/11-8:00pm B Rink, 8/13-8:00pm B Rink - all at St. Peters RecPlex South 

All players will attend the first 2 tryouts.

Continue to check your email and our website for updates and changes as dates and times may change. 

18 Jul

St. Louis Sting Central States

Registration is now open. To register Click Here

St. Louis Sting Central States: Dates and times are subject to change due to possible Covid Restrictions by St. Louis County, St, Charles County and Missouri Hockey.


2010's:7/22-5:40p Ice Zone, 7/25-11:45a RecPlex, 7/28-7p RecPlex, 7/30-6:30p RecPlex

2009's: 7/23-GroupA-6:20p Ice Zone, 7/25-ALL-1p RecPlex,7/28-GroupA 8p, 7/28-GroupB-9:10p Ice Zone, 7/29-GroupB-8:45p RecPlex, 7/30-ALL-8:15p RecPlex-new time

2008's:7/22-9:15p RecPlex, 7/25-2:15p RecPlex, 7/27-8:00p Ice Zone, 7/29-6:15p RecPlex

2007's:7/23-9:15p RecPlex, 7/25-3:30p RecPlex, 7/27-9:10p Ice Zone, 7/29-7:30p RecPlex


2010's: 8/3-6:50p, 8/6-6:40p, 8/11-6:50p, 8/13-6:20p - all at Ice Zone

2009's: 8/4-5:40p Ice Zone, 8/7-6:30p RecPlex, 8/10-6:50p Ice Zone, 8/12-6:30p RecPlex

2008's: 8/4-6:50p Ice Zone, 8/7-7:45p RecPlex, 8/10-8:00p Ice Zone, 8/12-7:45p RecPlex

2007's: 8/3-8:00p, 8/6-7:50p, 8/11-8:00p, 8/13-7:30p - all at Ice Zone

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