St. Louis Sting Central States

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St. Louis Sting Central States: Dates and times are subject to change due to possible Covid Restrictions by St. Louis County, St, Charles County and Missouri Hockey.


2010's:7/22-5:40p Ice Zone, 7/25-11:45a RecPlex, 7/28-7p RecPlex, 7/30-6:30p RecPlex

2009's: 7/23-GroupA-6:20p Ice Zone, 7/25-ALL-1p RecPlex,7/28-GroupA 8p, 7/28-GroupB-9:10p Ice Zone, 7/29-GroupB-8:45p RecPlex, 7/30-ALL-8:15p RecPlex-new time

2008's:7/22-9:15p RecPlex, 7/25-2:15p RecPlex, 7/27-8:00p Ice Zone, 7/29-6:15p RecPlex

2007's:7/23-9:15p RecPlex, 7/25-3:30p RecPlex, 7/27-9:10p Ice Zone, 7/29-7:30p RecPlex


2010's: 8/3-6:50p, 8/6-6:40p, 8/11-6:50p, 8/13-6:20p - all at Ice Zone

2009's: 8/4-5:40p Ice Zone, 8/7-6:30p RecPlex, 8/10-6:50p Ice Zone, 8/12-6:30p RecPlex

2008's: 8/4-6:50p Ice Zone, 8/7-7:45p RecPlex, 8/10-8:00p Ice Zone, 8/12-7:45p RecPlex

2007's: 8/3-8:00p, 8/6-7:50p, 8/11-8:00p, 8/13-7:30p - all at Ice Zone